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All text options, with exception of Conditions, allow the usage of formatting options using MiniMessage.

Online Tool

The devs of the Adventure library provide a handy online tool to create the right formatting codes to display the text properly.
You can find the tool at

Before starting

Please make sure to surround your text with either single quotes (') or double quotes (").
This avoids possible issues where the YAML parser would treat lines starting with specific characters as special options (i.e. < would be treated as a scolar value).

Also, should your text contain single quotes (for example when using you're), either surround the text with double quotes, or change the single quote in your text into two single quotes (you're -> you''re).

Wrong formatting
  - <red>This will cause
  - <red>Errors
Right formatting
  - "<green>This will be formatted"
  - "<green>properly."

Unsupported options

The following options are not supported, no matter what option they are used in:

  • Hover Actions (Show text, Show Advancement, etc)
  • Click Actions (Run command, Suggest command, etc.)
  • Custom Fonts (May work if player already has the resource pack loaded)


Default colors

Default colors such as <red>, <green>, <aqua>, etc. may be used in all text options.

Hex Colors

Hexadecimal colors may be used in the motd option using the <#RRGGBB> format.


Gradients can be created by using <gradient:<color1>:<color2>>, replacing <color1> with a starting color name or hex color value and <color2> with an ending color name or hex color value.
Only the motd option may support hex color gradients and in all other options will it be downsampled.


Formatting options (<bold>, <italic>, etc.) are available for all text options.