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AdvancedServerList Wiki

Welcome to the Wiki of AdvancedServerList!

On this site can you find the latest documentation for the plugin, including some useful examples.
If you're new to the plugin, check out Getting Started for a quick Start Guide.




AdvancedServerList supports the following platforms:

paper-img bungeecord-img waterfall-img velocity-img


  • Getting Started

    A simple guide on how to get started with AdvancedServerList.

  • Commands

    A list of all available commands in AdvancedServerList.

  • Profiles

    Pages containing information about the Server List Profile System and all its available options.

  • Examples

    Collection of various profile examples to use for different situations.

  • Migration

    Pages explaining how to migrate from one version of the plugin to another.

  • API

    Pages all about the API of AdvancedServerList.

  • Addons

    Pages listing 1st-party and 3rd-party add-ons for AdvancedServerList.

  • PlaceholderAPI

    Information about available placeholders to use in PlaceholderAPI and how to use placeholders from other plugins in AdvancedServerList using PlaceholderAPI.